JG Rap Lyrics

JG Rap Lyrics

This is a rap bout a really short book.
Bout a random day I decided to look.
Required by the teach in a class I took.
Hit Ron give us the hook.

He’s on a free market odyssey.
Come and kick it with Jonathan G.
Learn bout monetary policy.
To Corrumpo we go just’a you and me.

The teacher’s name is Ken Schoolland.
He’s a very creative and a crafty man.

The character’s name, is Jonathan G.
Bout the adventure he had, and got lost at sea.

Stumbled on an island saw a fine laday.
He followed her, as she ran away.
Bumped into a man, asked him why she flew.
Said she had an invention, that was too new school.

So he went along, and came across a lake.
Saw a man sitting down, had a wish to make.
He wanted the lake, to be pollution free.
And for the fish to grow, cause they were too puny.

Came across a woman, her crying wouldn’t cease.
Said her husband’ been arrested by the food police.
A man chuckled rudely “it’s a matter of debate.”
said he now owned the house, what a sudden twist of fate.

In the land of Corrumpo, a lady carried a petition.
Asked Jonathan to sign it, to oust her competition.
made coats, and candles, wanted the sun to be gone.
solution, eclipse, brand new hook, hit it Ron.

Hook 2
Were still kick’n it with Jonathan G.
On his free market odyssey.
As he tries to make some money.
What’ll happen next, just wait and see.

Thought to himself, this island is a tease.
Wondered what’ll happen next, how bout a man on his knees.
Asked him why he’d ruin, his brand new slacks.
The man said “anything’s better than this damn tall tax.”

So that’s the story bout the class I took.
If you wanna know more, then buy the book.
We know you’ll like it if you take a look.
What the heck one more time Ron give us the hook.

So please come along with Jonathan G.
All his adventures your about to see.
If you buy his book you will agree.
After you read it, an economist you’ll be.

JG, JG Y’all!!
Free Market What!!
808 in the house!
This is Ryan!
This is Ron!
Peace out yo!!!