From: Charlene Mann
Subject: Philosophy of Liberty Animation: WOW!
Organization: Global Funny Hat Medicine Society


Thank you again and again for having produced and presented this most excellent exposition with respect to human life and Liberty's sweet underpinnings! is now a permanent bookmark in my browser's library.

I now rise and stand to deliver a one-person ovation in your specific direction. It is deeply heartening to find another - any other, in fact - who is even more able and determined than I to express such things as this in the "child-simple, sandbox-safe" manner that I have developed in my own right for the expression of such ideals as this very presentation-set. Now, mind you, the very fame that protects you would be the death of me. You are of the academic monarchy; I am mere socioeconomic rabble.

You, Doctor Schoolland, will likely rejoin government for some patriotic purpose or other; I am at likely best only counted fit for a short, brutal life under the gun at one of the FEMA relocation camps. My kind is nothing more than that to them NeoCon cons who now run the American freedom-show. But your animation should open and close each PBS telly-vision station's broadcast day nevertheless IMHO. Ditto all other non-propagandist media outlets. We would then know the others by their limping, so to speak. (Fat chance today; clom Fliday chop-chop warzon byenow.) At any rate:

General Smedley Darlington Butler (USMC)'s classic 1935 essay, "War is a Racket" is the only other presentation I have ever found that hits even close to the mark that you have nailed spot-on. The two certainly amplify each other remarkably well as I find them. Have you goodly and well-educated folk possibly read General Butler's racket-busting essay?

If so, I am doubly glad. If not, a click on

will take you there. The conceptual lines are so closely parallel to your own that Cat Stevens' beloved classic lyric 'Peace Train' could surely run on 'em true and at full speed without ever crashing, all the way to the end of the line. (Wow.)

Um, one question on another parallel line - and maybe this is the Peace Train's "Third Rail": I /think/ we all understand the nature of genuine wealth here. Your own anim makes it plain for the clueless, right as rain. For my part: I have lived by these principles every day for many, many years, and have at times fought most vigorously and in extremely unusual ways to protect myself from their loss at the hands of ill-hearted and occasionally murderous and/or thieving others. So what's all this then with all the "Peabody Coal grade" paper scrip that we find in use worldwide as a medium of economic exchange, and no gold or other material element actually backing such purportedly legitimate economic currency as this?

Maybe I am merely being an ignoranus on this point. If so, kindly do set me straight, please? But I really at this point do not believe, quite unlike what my college economics professor once vigorously asserted many years ago, that actual economic wealth can indeed be in any way stored, let alone created out of thin air, with the "help" of a little rag paper and a few drops of elaborately configured ink, even if they are both of the very best quality that, yes, some of that oddly-conceived paper money can indeed "buy". So is there to your knowledge some other animated presentation of a quality similar to yours? One that you would confidently refer a truth-finder to for clarity with respect to this particular (and too-often deliberately confused) aspect of the economic entirety? If I am not wrong about this apparent absence of actual goods or materials providing legitimate "backing" for the "currency" and there is indeed such an anim or video as this requested item, thank you once more indeed!

I shall share your animation with all whom I find at all receptive. I shall make certain my browser brings it up automatically in its own tab so I shall not have to fumble and twiddle while guests are standing by. Creator bless and protect you and yours throughout the remainder of the foul times that those fine-hatted and now paperlessly "elected" officials of ours have once again thrust us into - excuses, fnords, whining, and all! We shall somehow survive this madness. Are we yet all sufficiently meek as to be found worthy to inherit what's left of the planet once the bullies have devoured their spoils and deposited their poo in our lunchbox, in your view?

Oh, one last point. Just so nobody is walking around getting all confused about the present-day War on Terror: We are not "embroiled in another world war", oh no heaven farfend. No, we are merely at present "engaged in a global conflict" against a too-conveniently gone-invisible foe or faux, depending on the speaker's POV and the greed behind it; nothing more than that. Some fine-hatted man said it on NPR just a couple of nights back, as I drove across town to sweep up and help with closing the grocery store where I exchange a little of my leftover time and energy for a little of my friend's leftover take-out food. (Now that works.)

With cordial respect,

Reverend Pastor Charlene WT Mann (ULC)
First Peoples' Church of the Forbidden Truth)
(A Global Funny Hat Medicine Society Affiliate and ICKR Curmudgeonry Licensure Agency.)