Review ~ Jelena Osipova

September 1, 2003

Dear Mr Schoolland, I hope you are fine and healthy, just like when we met in a youth camp in Lithuania. I am the girl who participated in debates and had pleasure to get one of the most valuable presents in her life - your book ('The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible'). I have read it and, of course, cannot stop myself from expressing my opinion about it.

First of all, I need to point out that I am interested in chemistry, as I already mentioned through our conversation, also in web-design, languages, art, biology, etc., but not in economy. However, your book was so interesting that while reading it I did not realize that it is actually a well-made easy-to-understand economy text-book. Now I know main problems and interesting effects of society's life which I have not thought about or even noticed before. I also found out that economy is not a dry science connected only with numbers and big amounts of money. In other words, I understood that in every subject sleeps a crystal that can be seen by a talented person and shown in a sparkling beautiful appearance to other seekers who were not able to find it by themselves. I am grateful that you showed me, and many other people, the crystal of economy.

The second thing I would like to discuss is the set of tools which you chose to reach such an impressive effect. Life is like one of those old paintings that contains lots of small details made by simple movements of the Creator's brush. But there are so many details that you are dazzled by them. How can we SEE, not just LOOK? You know answer for this question: we just need to gaze at every detail one by one. When Jonathan Gullible arrived at the Corrumpo island, he and I knew nothing about it. Later on, the picture of the wrong system appeared by getting together lots of details one after another. It reminds me of 'The Little Prince'. Exupery also showed moments of life that seemed important for him to show although, instead of joining them together he just left them far away on different planets...

Anyway, it is not the only thing I was impressed by. 'The Grand Inquirer' seems to be worth to remember him and take a few more minutes of your precious time. You see, at the moment I do have an opportunity to compare two different nations: people who love responsibility and those who are afraid of it. I live in Lithuania - a small country where people (in general) do not wish to be responsible. They wait for others to make life better for them. On the other hand, Germans (I came from Germany only yesterday) are not afraid of responsibility. They do not throw rubbish in the street because they are responsible for their country to be clean, as an example. So I believe that some people are easily assured in their weakness so that they can have no more responsibility and some are not. The Grand Inquirer is powerful just in a suitable soil. In my opinion there are two groups of people despite the white crows: sheep and shepherds. Shepherds are responsible for formation of sheep's lifestyle and minds. Such a strange-looking system seems to make both of them happy. Is there something wrong? I do not know, but I do not like it. So that, I liked that chapter about the Grand Inquirer. It is a perfectly-made detail - like a dessert at the end of the book.

And here is the dessert from me after such an exhausting letter. It suits to be a song of Jonathan as he seems to be quite an optimistic guy. Isn't he?:)

Oh! Every moment of my life
I want to sing, I want to fly.
I can regret for the only thing -
That nobody together sings.

Oh! Every time I see the light
I want to dance, I want to fight
With troubles I receive in life
That make me stronger, train me fine.

Oh! Every day I'm like a bird
Who's feeling free in its sky-world.
Believe in power of a smile!
It makes you happy, gets you high.

Yours sincerely,
Jelena Osipova

Postscript, September 2, 2003

As about your work, it is absolutely necessary to continue it. Untraditional text-books that contain no boring difficult phrases are in many students' dreams. That is for sure. Aren't you ready to start your own new learning-system? And what about computer programs or maybe games or maybe just electronic books for students who start learning economics as well as professors who would enjoy such interesting interactive reading. Those interpretations of your book can be used at university to make impulse for discussions and at home to make students start thinking the right way. The learning process may become more colourful. Well, it's just an idea. I am sure that this project is able to become true in the US.

You already made something that future generations will be grateful for. On the other hand, why should you stop if you can do something more, something that no other person can.

Best wishes,