From: Shikuku James Shikwati


In the early 1960s people in Africa sought to free themselves from the colonial yoke. Colonialism and the burden that went with it seemingly evaporated in thin year only to fall back as neocolonialism. Nationalization and Africanisation became the order of the day for most governments. Four decades later Africa has woken up more indebted and economically poor. Many who are seeking answers are bombarded with only one cause conspiracy from abroad. Little has been done to show home grown causes to some of this problems. What went wrong?

It is timely at this moment when the present generation is seeking ways to save Africa from its economic woes to hold this slim volume in your hands. Ken Schoolland through the main character in the book Jonathan Gullible reveals causes of Africaís economic plight and offers economic concepts that can assist in solving them. The idiocy of protectionism, taxes, inflation, rent control and more are presented in a humorous way.

This is a MUST READ for African individuals who care about personal responsibility and economic prosperity. Adventures of Jonathan Gullible brings into the picture the role of unlimited government in increasing peopleís misery and promoting poverty. The facts though presented in fiction form are real, simple, friendly and logical.

At last, we can all be economists! Ken Schoollandís book has helped popularize economics as depicted by the over translations of this book all over the world. Here in East Africa, our Kiswahili version is ready for print. Classical economic ideals that recognize individual contribution to a nationís prosperity will finally be realized in Africa.

After reading this simple but powerful book take time to ask yourself whether you have ever asked your government to "ban the sun" in order to have candles sold. Ask yourself how many times you have demonstrated against the woman who invented a "sharp object" for cutting trees. Have you ever taken time to honor great inventors, entrepreneurs and business people who make our lives comfortable? Or do you view them as selfish robbers out for profits?

I am grateful to the author Ken Schoolland for this great honor to write a foreword to this very revolutionary book. I am also grateful to Mr. Ayub Mukhwana of University of Nairobi Kiswahili Department for assisting in the translation of this book to Kiswahili language. It should however be clearly understood that I bear full responsibility any lapses in the translated East African text.

For a book that has won several international awards, I leave it to you the reader in Africa to suggest an award fit for Jonathan Gullible. This a great read, you will never regret your joining Jonathan on his adventurers.

December 16, 2001

Shikuku James Shikwati
Director, Inter Region Economic Network [IREN Kenya]
P.O.Box 135 code 00100 NAIROBI,KENYA.
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