Review ~ Theresa Geiger

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible is one of my childhood favorites. I grew up reading it. It had its place under my coffee table right next to my dad's copy of Atlas Shrugged. What I have always liked about this book is that it makes sense. That may not seem like a lot, but today, when books are filled with more contradictions than words, it is very refreshing to read something and say to yourself: "yeah, I agree." Even as an eight year old I could understand a lot of what was going on in the book, even to the point of looking at my dad incredulously and asking why on earth anyone would want to punish someone for producing too much food. I attribute this to the clarity of the author. The book, in my opinion, is very philosophical, yet it never takes on the air of a stuffy college textbook that is oh-so-intelligent and too complicated for you to read. It is a remarkable book and is a wonderful way to introduce someone to capitalism, or to make a capitalist's day. I have never read any book that made free market principles so easily understandable, and that, in itself, is a great achievement.

Theresa Geiger
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Class of 2007

"Ce sont nos choix, Harry, qui montrent ce que nous sommes vraiment, beacoup plus que nos aptitudes."
--Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets