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The new German book and audiobook editions of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" are out! Translation: Steffen Hentrich (below right, Second German edition, 2013), Michael Mehnert (First German edition, 1998), Book Design, Artwork: Olivia Güthling (, Proofreading: Simoné Okaj-Braun, Dr. Sabine Cohen-Friedlaender, Project manager: Kay Heinz Ehrhardt, Audiobook narrator: Boris Eichler (below left), Publisher: Liberal Institut, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom, eBook download (epub, mobi [kindle], Acrobat-pdf]):


A hardcopy and a audio-CD can be ordered for free at the book homepage: or downloaded free here. Feel free to ask Steffen other questions about his translation and the production of the second german edition.  Referent/Senior Research Fellow, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Liberty, Liberales Institut - Liberal Institute, Reinhardtstr. 12, D-10117 Berlin.


The original translation was published by S.P. Kopp Publishers, Berlin, Germany, 1998, and is distributed by André F. Lichtschlag at Capitalista!  An Introduction has been written by Christian Butterbach, 23.12.2004, and an electronic copy of the book may be viewed at Christian Butterbach's site html or in PDF format.

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