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"First published in St. Petersburg, the book has quickly found its Russian audience with a libertarian mindset. Here are some websites with the Russian version of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible available: The website provides a free digital version of the book. “LibertyNews” consists of a number of articles that are focused on ideas of capitalism, liberty, and freedom from government control of the economy. Such notions are relatively new in the post Soviet Russia. In addition, the website provides various interviews and books on liberty. The Mises Center is an institution that focuses on the social-economic development of Belarus. According to the above mentioned website, the Mises Center uses The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible as academic literature in their teachings. 

 R-e-e-d: Free Generation is a Russian internet journal that connects the younger generation of post Soviet republics. For more than 70 years the ideas of personal freedom, private property, and a free market economy was outlawed in such republics and the purpose of R-e-e-d is to bring libertarians of these countries together. The project focuses on world news, organizing lectures in various universities, and publishing articles by many experts in order to understand the role of the individual and of the government in the future. The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible is available in the online library of the website. is simply an online store that sells a hard copy of the book. The website is mostly selling academic literature." Azamat Parchiev is from Moscow and formerly a student of economics at Hawaii Pacific University.

Dmitrii Kostygin published the first edition in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1993. A revised edition was sponsored by Kenneth DeGraaf, translated by E. Mamontova, and placed E. Rakova, The von Mises Center in Minsk Belarus.

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