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Thanks to Tomislav Krsmanovic, the Ruthenian edition of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" has just arrived. Tomislav has now completed publication of nine language editions in the Balkan region. He is a great hero of freedom in a very tough part of the world. For his tireless efforts for liberty, The International Society for Individual Liberty (now renamed Liberty International) presented Tomislav with the prestigious Bruce Evoy Torch of Freedom Award. (JG is now in 51 languages worldwide.) Tomislav writes:

"Right now I called again Santa Nikola, the book was printed two weeks ago. I am happy that I have once again contributed to the libertarian project. I want to continue our libertarian adventure--my life is so similar to the life of Jonathan Gullible, but on the local way. I believe that all those who collaborated around the globe or who read the book, are slowly coming to the same conclusion--that their lives are also similar to Jonathan's. Nor do I mean that my life is something unusual, or that I am a special person, Jonathan is universal, a global phenomenon of modern civilization. My dream is to buy from my brother his house in the village Uzovnica and there to develop new libertarian projects. With the best greetings."

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