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The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible with The African Readers Club

A wise man once said, “learning ends when a soul dies”. With this mindset, we journeyed with Mr. Gullible on his adventure as penned down by one of the most-inspiring and ever-supportive professors of economics, Prof. Ken Schoolland in the book, ‘The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, A Free Market Odyssey.

The African Reader Club - a project of Face of Liberty International ( ran a review of the book in the month of July 2020 with our amazing Forty-Five (45) participants in all of the review.

The review ran for four (4) weeks and we were able to see to the full dissection of the pros and cons of the book. We caught a glimpse of the author's thought, the arrangement of the cast, the sync of each scene from the beginning of the book down to the last chapter.

The adventure of Jonathan Gullible (JG) is an eye-opener for newbies and ever-refreshing read for everyone in the Free Market activism. It remains a must-read book to read for even those that have joined or wishes to join the race for a freer world. Anyone who reads the book will ascertain that JG has the simplest, coolest, and most understanding way of fully grasping what the Free Market System is about and how it operates.

Did you miss any of the review sessions? Watch the full details here on the Youtube Channel of The Liberty Show with Leon. (

On behalf of The African Readers Club, we at Face of Liberty International would like to extend our profound thanks to the author of the book and a mentor to the organization; Professor Ken Schoolland for writing that awe-inspiring book for the benefit of us all who longs and thirsts for knowledge of Free Market.

This appreciation won’t be in completion if we fall to mention Mr. Glenn D. Boyer for his support and advice on all we do at Face of Liberty International; thank you very much for your interest and useful guidance.

Sincere and unreserved appreciation to colleagues in the team: Bayonle Fesobi - Chief Operations Director at Face of Liberty International; Sanni Johnson - Regional Coordinator at Students For Liberty Africa and Mr. Rowland Kingsley Dappa for their unflinching support before, during and after the review.

Leonard Ogunweide

CEO, Face of Liberty, International

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