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Roberto Rachewsky, President of the Instituto Libertad, Porto Alegre, Brazil, has just posted this terrific news: Here's, literally firsthand, a specimen of the reissue of the classic bestseller ′′ The Adventures of Jonas, The Ingenius ′′ by Ken Schoolland.

Special thanks must be made.

Firstly, to the author who kindly surrendered the rights to the Freedom Institute to publish.

Next, to the friend Andre Burger who gave in his copy of the original edition so that the Concordian Editor could reproduce the text.

Andre not only gave up the copy, but did the review and correction of what needed to be fixed in the original text.

Others who contributed this important contribution to the spread of liberal ideas were Winston Ling, Victoria Jardim, Gabriela Bratz Lamb, Guilherme Benezra, Lucas Corrêa, Li Maria and Wilson Ling, all involved in some way with the activities of the Freedom Institute.

Official disclosure and launching this work soon so that all Brazilians can understand why individual freedom and private property are fundamental institutions for a free, fair and prosperous society.

Now yes, I consider accomplishing my mission at the Liberty Institute

Roberto Rachewsky

Andre Burger

Winston Ling



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