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The Contents of the Adventures of Jonathan Gullible Book Discussed in Herat Province

The White Assembly office held an event in Herat province on the 18th of January 2020 to discuss the Contents of the Adventures of Jonathan Gullible Book: A Free Market Odyssey book which is written by Ken Schoolland and translated by M. Khalid Ramizy. It was a big event with the participants being Afghan well-known scholars and writers, university students, civil society activists and politicians.

Mr. Khalid Ramizy talking about the JG book in Herat Province

Mohammad Khalid Ramizy, the Executive Director of AELSO, talked about the contents and the values of the book for the audience and discussed the important topics of the books, which teach very important lessons to all Afghan citizens and can plan an important role in bringing of individual liberty, property rights and other foundations of a free society.

Mr. Sayed Bashier Tareq talking about the JG book for the participants in Herat Province

The participants of the event appreciated the work of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) on translating and publishing of this book in Afghanistan.

Participants of the Event

Learn more about this book in here.

JG books

If you want a copy of this book you can contact us at:

JG book banner in Herat Province

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