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A Review of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible rom Tbilisi, Georgia

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

Reviewed by Luka Kakhidze, 29th Public School, Tbilisi, Georgia

Ken Schoolland;s book „The Adventures of Jonathan Galible“

really deserves the place of honor on the bookshelf, and even

more so on the working desk. Yes, on the working desk, just

because this book will guide beginners (and not only beginners)

to the world of economics, free markets and financial relations.

I consider that if „The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible“ or the

situations discussed in the book would be taught in schools, the

real world around us would have moved forward several years. All

this would be a prerequisite for the introduction of economics as a

subject in schools.

There is amazingly discussed, explained, and analyzed in every

single case that occurs with the existence or restriction of a free


Understandable language, the great skills of analysis and

communication with the readers, accurate points, an extraordinary

talent for translating contemporary economic problems into fiction

and detailed or general description of ways to solve those

problems. Because of these certain reasons „The Adventure of

Jonathan Gulluble“ became a well-known and appreciated book in

different layers of society.

This book is about a young man, who finds himself on a foreign

land. He faces many economical failures and problems on a daily

basis. We face new situations and new problems in every new

chapter, which is followed by an author’s analysis: what caused

these problems and how to solve them. All this not only sounds

simple, it is also simply conveyed. But besides this simplicity,

there stands a huge measure of knowledge, experience, and

talent which the reader will easily see.

For the young people who are interested in the fields of

economics and finance the book „The Adventure of Jonathan

Gullible“ will be an amazing guide to economical processes. All

economic and financial issues are so well explained in the book

that it is impossible for a person not to know more after reading it

than before reading it, which, as you know, is the main purpose of


Luka Kakhidze,


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