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Personal Impact of JG in Afghanistan

Adela Ghasnavi joined 40 women in an online session of the Women’s Leadership Academy, a project of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) hosted by Khalid Ramizy. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a book that they had just read, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, and comment on its relevance to life in Afghanistan. After some introductory remarks ten hands were immediately raised to respond. Short on time, the participants were encouraged to submit further thoughts by email. This is what I received from Adela, who lives a dangerous life yet gave permission to share her photo and message:

“Hello, good time, I wish you good to be nice to be able to talk to you today; I am Adelah Ghaznavi one of Afghanistan's defense lawyers; I live in one of the Afghan cities; I have been a member of the Academy of Economic Studies and Leadership for some time. I want to comment on the good book: A FREE MARKET ODYSSEY. Of course, in this book all the values and principles of society are expressed in the form of a story.

“Before saying more, I would like to confess that tears flowed from my eyes when I was reading the book because I saw the people of my country line by line. I read the stories of the people of my country in most of the stories in this book. It was very strange to me how a book with this volume of similarity was written in my country. Sometimes I say to myself that I, like Jonathan, have come to this community just for adventure. I wish I could also go home and get out of this community. I say to myself I wish I could get up without fear and change things the way I wanted to. But nothing is like before ...

“But I want to say about the book that it was one of the best books I had read so far in terms of writing, and as well as innovating and narrating with very heartfelt stories, it is very creative and at the beginning of each story you have spoken to the famous authors and made the book interesting. Thank you very much and good luck.”

For more information about AELSO and the Women’s Leadership Academy, see this link:


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