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Africa Liberty Camp 2022: The contribution of libertarian culture to prosperity

Signed under the theme: "LIBERTY, CULTURE AND PROSPERITY", Africa Liberty Camp 2022 is a retreat that brings together elite libertarians and young Africans passionate about libertarian ideas through accelerated training in the form of conferences, panels and workshops.

This program aims to co-create and empower young libertarian leaders, enable their networking

and provide them with authors and mentors who can facilitate their professional development.

Indeed, this extraordinary event saw the participation of Professor Ken Schoolland, author of the book: "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible"; which our institute has just translated into French and other speakers and panelists from different parts of the world to discuss and learn about the contribution of libertarian ideas in the prosperity of the continent. Burundi was represented by the Institute for Economics and Enterprises team

Economic Freedom and Prosperity in Africa, How to Win the Bet?

Poverty on the African continent is a consequence of several factors, including mismanagement of resources and the natural structure of local economies that keep the cradle of humanity in economic dependence. According to Professor Ken Schoolland, the most urgent need for Africa is to create productive societies: "The question is not why there is poverty there, the real question is why there is prosperity there. Each society has a different degree of respect for individual rights, personal freedom and responsibilities. This respect then forms the characteristics and policies of a productive society that can be explored and create prosperity" explains this academic.

To create prosperity, Africa must undoubtedly rely on the principles of economic freedom and build on its potential. Li Schoolland (Made in China) was born in China under the communist regime that kept her country in extreme poverty. Explaining the transition from poor China to a world power, she says Africa should learn from it: "During my childhood, China had difficulty feeding its people because the government held an absolute monopoly and dictated the model of life.”

To overcome poverty, the Chinese understood that there was a lack to be solved and they started to work because the government could no longer ensure their survival. From there, the private sector began to develop and generate jobs and income. It is therefore necessary for countries to understand that it is not the government that generates income, on the contrary, it operates through taxes collected from private operators, which is why it is necessary to defend economic freedom, which is the only guarantee of prosperity.

What about the impact of the libertarian movement in Africa?

The libertarian movement is spread in almost all countries in Africa, in academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and think tanks. Thousands of young people are trained, mentored and participate in the promotion of libertarian ideas through volunteering and the establishment of Think Tanks in their home countries.

In Burundi, the Institute for Economics and Enterprises is no exception. It trains and educates young Burundian leaders on the principles and impact of a free society: "Our goal is to continue to create networking opportunities for intentional youth. We always seek to ensure their learning and growth inlibertarian ideas, as well as to connect them with people who would be helpful in achieving their dreams," concludes Lambert NDUWAYEZU, Founder and Executive Director.

By Institute for Economics and Enterprises, a Think Tank based in Burundi

Lambert (next to Li Schoolland) and his team from Burundi

Lambert is in the center


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