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Braille version of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

Riya Basnet and Nisha Niraula on their JG Braille Project 6 years ago: "With the support of Nepal Association of Blind, we successfully distributed our first braille version of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible in the blind girls hostel situated at Narayan Chowk, Kapan. We were highly honored to be there with the girls and they were very appreciative towards our effort. These girls never had a chance to learn or read about things outside their course book. And via this book it helped them to relate to real world experience. When we were having our sessions the warden wanted us to do some more of such sessions in coming days. Also they suggested us to have the Nepali version of the book. So hopefully with this English version we will also have our Nepali braille version published. Nisha and I am working to simplify the Nepali text for publication. Here are the pictures attached from our first distribution. Best Liberty Love" Update: Riya reported, "While we did the project, they were determined to conduct a series of Braille readings with other institutions, too."


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