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Chichewa Translation of Jonathan Gullible in Malawi

The Chichewa translation of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible has been accomplished and available electronically in Malawi. The work of John Nyangulu, Founder and Executive Director of Manson Institute for Leadership Education (MILE) is now poised for publication and university distribution, pending support. I strongly endorse this project by a super champion of free markets. Reports John Nyangulu:

“I translated JG after attending liberty solution training organized by Liberty International. The training enlightened me on the principles of classical liberalism and how important these ideas are to global peace, prosperity and human flourishing. The training also made me realize that there is a lot to be done here in Malawi to prepare the country for these ideas where libertarian ideas are very new. More specifically, Malawi is new on free market ideas and there is a need to raise the public's understanding on the value of free markets and entrepreneurship. I found The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible to be a perfect tool to help raise awareness on free market economy.

“Secondly, the book aligned with the mission and vision of my organization, Manson Institute for Leadership Education, an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit research and advocacy think tank dedicated to the promotion of free market ideas in Malawi. So I decided to translate JG into Chichewa, one of the national languages in Malawi, and share the book freely to every citizen in the country especially those able to read in Chichewa so that it can enable us have fruitful discussions on free markets through organizing book seminars, books reading challenges and debate seminars for students to raise their understanding on the concept. The book will also fill the gap in the knowledge about how the free market economy works which will enable people to join our cause in promoting these ideas.

“If there is any possibility of the funding assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Because in my capacity I can only be able to publish an e-copy and share electronically because here in Malawi it is a little expensive to publish books. For instance, last year I printed 280 copies of Eamonn Butler's Foundation of a Free Society which cost me $1,200 but Linda Whetstone helped me with the funds to complete the project. I have also attached the quotation from Montfort Media LTD [$1200 for 280 copies], a print media house where I print books from which it is relatively cheap.

“But I am currently working on raising funds to make hardcopies because I really need hardcopies so I can be able to distribute in university libraries so that students have access to it. It’s just that with COVID things didn’t work the way I planned. I should have published the book using my proceeds from my business but was forced to close down.

John Nyangulu is an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropic and a passionate free market advocate who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities (philosophy) from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. John is the Founder and Executive Director of Manson Institute for Leadership Education (MILE), an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit research and advocacy think tank dedicated to promoting economic freedom and prosperity as part of its advocacy for human rights and democracy based on classical liberalism in Malawi. John is the country Director for American Institute for Economic Research's Bastiat Society of Malawi, Global Campain Fellow for Students for Liberty, Ideas Ambassador for Liberty Sparks, Learnali brand Ambassador for African Leadership Institute and 3 LM (Live and Let Live Movement) chapter leader.


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