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JG 2022: 13 Global Projects


Nodar Chinchaladze has just published the new, improved, and illustrated translation of the Georgian edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. Nodar has long been a champion of liberty in Tbilisi as author of Restart: Restart the Action Again. His novel depicts a frustrating journey through the morass, abuse, and corruption of the vestige bureaucratic world that persists and harasses Georgians.

For years Nodar has hosted a televised show to raise the public conscience about the perils of freedom in a world so crushed by attitudes of complacency. Feeling inspired by the manner of storytelling and message in Jonathan Gullible, Nodar has invited local intellectuals throughout the year to examine the relevance of each of the 40 chapters one week at a time. Now with brilliant artistic flair of Ani Palavandishvili, a new edition has just been released. Front and back covers are from the original illustrations of Kris Haladus, but internal illustrations are original to this edition.

I am grateful to have been able to join one of these YouTube discussions this summer, joined by the premier libertarian guru of Georgia, Gia Jandieri. Please view the full interview with Nodar, Gia, and myself here: or


In June, Li Schoolland organized lecture tour in Africa at the UHRUH CON 2022 hosted by Evan Exaud and Liberty Sparks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This was featured in newspaper articles for The Times Majira and The Guardian. New translations of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible have been completed by Evan in Swahili (Tanzania) and John Nyangulu in Chichewa (Malawi) and are ready for publication.


Continuing the African liberty tour, we gave lectures about markets and prosperity at a three-day conference hosted by John Mugabe and his team of supporters at Action for Leadership and Economic Development (ALED) of Entebbe, Uganda. JG has been utilized on numerous occasions for discussions and essays about the value of free markets.

At the event, my economics book (now in 90+ editions in 57 languages) was released in a new French edition by the attendees from Burundi: Lambert Nduwayezu, Egide Nduwayo Luckiest, and others. Leon A. Ogunweide of Nigeria, David Benjamin Ginana of South Sudan and so many others made it a very international affair. Onduri Gideon won first prize in the JG essay contest.


In July we gave lectures courtesy of Deependra Chaulagain and Robin Sitoula on behalf of the Samriddhi Foundation of Nepal at 3 business colleges in Kathmandu and 2 business colleges in Pokhara. I was also interviewed for a column in The Kathmandu Times.

We were hosted by Glenn Cripe and his Language of Liberty Institute for a week of lectures at the mountain resort of Bandipur, Nepal where Bishnu Hari Timilsina released a new English commentary edition of Jonathan Gullible for the lecture series and study sessions.


The same team of organizers took us to Goa, India for another series of economics lectures and distribution of the English commentary edition for lectures and study. Again, I was treated to the brilliant Indian philosopher, political guru, and soul brother, Barun Mitra, who previously published JG in Hindi, Bengali, and English.


Next on the schedule as guest of Mark and Jo Ann Skousen with their weeklong program on The Economics of Life at Chapman University in Southern California. Part of the program was an hour presentation about the lessons of Jonathan Gullible and the distribution of 50 copies to participants.


Hiroshi Yoshida has also conducted weekly readings and discussions of JG chapters in Japanese and English. I was invited to join the sessions, but the time zone difference made it extraordinarily difficult for me to participate in more than four sessions. In October, Hiroshi hosted the Free Economy Workshop of speakers where I spoke on zoom about the full history and practical application of the JG, originally translated into Japanese by the esteemed scholar and student of Ludwig von Mises, Professor Toshio Murata.


In August Li, Kenli, and I spoke at the Liberty International World Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. The LIWC was originally scheduled to be in Ukraine, but had to be moved because of the invasion. Kenli spoke on the topic: "Free the World by Freeing Yourself."


Liberty International, with the support of Matthew Bowler, is working on a video animation series with through the production organization of Himanshu Dhingra Chief Operating Officer of Liberty International in India and in Argentina the film direction by Gabriel Caprav, Lead Director, and Erika Höflich, Creative Director of the JG Cartoon Series.

The Ukrainian edition of JG was to be published by Vasyl Zoria, Deputy Director of the Zadruga Publishing House in Kyiv with the illustrations from Kris Haladus and released at this event. Sadly, the Russian invasion has forestalled this project indefinitely.


Glenn Boyer has hosted a weekly JG International Readers Group discussions with participants from Uganda, Nigeria, Burundi, South Sudan, Malawi, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and USA, taking one chapter at a time and relating these topics to contemporary issues globally. After a year of weekly production, it is soon to be undertaken as a regular program of Liberty International. Stay tuned for details.

We traveled to Yerevan, Armenia with Per and Suzanne Bylund where we were able to meet with the loveliest libertarian attorney, Anna Martirosyan. Anna produced the Armenian CD edition of Jonathan Gullible and still has plans for publishing it as a book.

Matheus Pacini conducted this interview with Portuguese subtitles for the Brazilian publishers, Winston Ling and Roberto Rachewsky, about the history of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. See the full interview here:


And for icing on the cake, Mark Skousen visited my school to give a brilliant and fun lecture on the minimum wage.


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