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New Mongolian Kids Edition Before the Warning

Oyunchimeg Bayarsaikhan, Founder & EIC, NepkoKids Children's Book Publishing in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; is preparing a new edition before the crush of government control over children’s books.

“Here is some good news! We made the new cartoony illustrations for the JG. The illustrator, Nyamdorj, is one of our best illustrators. I hope you like it. We requested him to illustrate black and white, and this way printing costs will be cheaper and more affordable for our readers. We'd like to publish JG with these new illustrations. If you think these illustrations work for you, you may offer them to your other publishers around the world. We'd be happy to let them use it freely.

“I have another sad news about the situation here. These days we are fighting with the Ministry of Culture. They are going to pass a regulation to control the content, text and design of children's books. With their new standard, we may not be able to publish any 'normal' books from abroad. Sounds ridiculous, right? Yeah, this is really happening now. I am thinking of addressing this issue to the Pen International. I think this issue is already beyond our business interest. This new regulation will discourage all stakeholders in this field, and the worst part is it will shape the children's mind in all the same ways. Classic communist approach.”


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