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Student reaction to Jonathan Gullible

Chelsea Caraang, a student of economics at Hawaii Pacific University, wrote this after reading Jonathan Gullible: "As a typical young adult and member of society, I never had a keen interest in learning about government systems because it never made sense to me. I had a hard time understanding the connection between what is moral and what is legal. Reading 'The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible' made me think deeply about what our duty is as a citizen and what the right thing to do is. What is our responsibility as an individual and what is the government's role in making our decisions? It also made me wonder where we can find a place where society has complete freedom? Where can we find a place where force is a protection? Many are blind to see the impracticality of the laws and principles behind government systems.

"Each individual has his or her own freewill. You sow what you reap, meaning you are fully responsible for your own actions. Freedom is not a threat; it is not a burden. We must make our own decisions. This, of course, requires our powers of discernment and the use of our mind and will. This book not only teaches about lessons and principles in economics, but lessons on a better society. It starts with our actions. But as Jonathan Gullible said, '…There’s plenty of work to do.' I am inspired to keep searching for a place where things are done right, where people are truly free. And it all starts with my own freewill." -Chelsea Caraang


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