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The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible Program in South Sudan

By John Mustapha Kutiyote

Executive Director of Student Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE),

South Sudan

Students Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE) is one of the civil society organization in South Sudan that promotes liberty, peace and liberty.

The organization has been training youth on entrepreneurship which is being supported by the Cheetah project of the Enactus Chapter of the University of Regent, Sensible School and the Network for a Free Society for the last two years.

In September 2021, SOLE received five copies of the book on the Adventure of Jonathan Gullible that has been used on the local radio station to educate the public on the need to advance free markets and liberty in South Sudan. In the last two months, SOLE has conducted three radio talk shows. This radio program is estimated to have reached over 10,000 listeners.

The other strategy adopted by SOLE to reach more readers was that, during the entrepreneurship training program students are given two days per week for two hours to read and share ideas and comments on each topic chosen to be ready that week. So far 23 entrepreneurship students have been studying the book for the last two months. This has been a compliment to the training. Hence forth, SOLE plans to continue with this program due to the correlation between the entrepreneurship training and the story of Jonathan Gullible.

Furthermore, SOLE also has been displaying the book of The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible and other books during the events. SOLE has conducted two events in which the book was introduced and displayed to 98 participants to have a glance and were encouraged to come to Liberty Library established by SOLE to the read the book in depth. This has increased the number of people by at least 2% who come to the library to read the book and other books as well.

The readers are appreciating the story in the book and are willing to read the whole book. The readers also thank SOLE and its partners for availing them unique and rare books to read.

Compiled and written by

Mr. John Mustapha Kutiyote

The Executive Director of SOLE

South Sudan


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