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The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible in Socratic Reading Circles

Liberty International launched a brand new initiative called Socratic Reading Circles. It aims to develop the individual powers of reason and understanding and to help create habits of critical thinking and effective and respectful ways of communication. The first cohort started from 1st December 2022 with subsequent cohorts after every two months.

Liberty International selected 8 of the most promising applicants to engage in the project FOR FREE! Online sessions were held once a week between December 1st, 2022 – January 31st, 2023.

Each student was awarded a physical copy of the book along with goodies from Liberty International and an opportunity to interact with the greatest minds from all over the world. Successful applicants will also get access to the Liberty International Alumni Group.

During the last session, we were joined by the author of the book. The first edition of Socratic Reading Circles started with “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey” by Prof. Ken Schoolland. It is an international bestseller translated into over 57 languages and 80+ published editions. The book has won numerous awards and has been endorsed by Steve Forbes, Walter Williams, John Stossel, Mark Skousen, and Austrian-School economists and educators throughout the world.


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