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Thanks to the brothers Dulmaa Baatar and Hurelbaatar, the Mongolian edition was published in by Munkhiin USEG Co. Ltd., in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. Wrote Baatar, “Hello, Ken. Your BOOK has been already published. We want to congratulate you first.” And from Hurelbaatar in Brussels, “Congratulations! I have just been informed by my brother Baatar by the telephone that the book (JONATHAN GULLIBLE) has recently been publiched in Mongolia. We are extremely glad that the book is published after long time our efforts. I will keep in touch with you the further progress of your book in Mongolia.”

The book is a beautiful translation with modified illustrations that are more akin to local fashion and characters. I’ve already received some correspondence from one reader, a former acquaintance. Wrote Ariunaa Aanjuu, “I read your book which is translated in Mongolian. It was such a wonderful book about Mongolia.” Contact Baatar: or


K-mee Jung has just sent word that the Korean edition is hot off the press, published by the renowned Moonwhamada Publishing Co. of South Korea! Writes K-mee, “Dear Ken, Congratulations! JG is now published in KOREA. Thank you for your trust and wait. Now I visit my parents’ house in Korea. Happy New Year!! (^-^)” This edition of the book, very sophisticated and without illustrations, clearly appeals to an intellectual audience. It is a masterpiece of publishing craftmanship. K-mee is now engaged in translating another work of mine, Shogun’s Ghost: The Dark Side of Japanese Education. Contact K-mee:


“Here it is!” declared Louise Zizka in announcing the on-line appearance of JG through Sieg Pedde’s Phoenix Accrual Corporation. Thus, the culmination of many years of dedicated work. Louise translated the book into French and has made extraordinary efforts at finding a publisher in a market that seems quite hostile to free market ideas. My daughter, Kenli, (who is now studying French) informs me that there are more that 40 French speaking nations in the world. Having the French edition on-line makes this free market odyssey accessible to a worldwide audience. The task yet ahead is to market the French edition and, eventually, to find a publisher for a hard copy edition. Helpful suggestions are always welcome. Contact Louise: Contact Sieg:


James Shikwati, Director of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN Kenya), has been building a fabulous free market think tank and research policy organization for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. James has published regular columns in regional newspapers, hosted forums and seminars, established youth theater and a Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE Kenya) team, and has translated JG into Kiswahili, an indigenous language that reaches the whole region. With the help of Ginger Warbis (JG webmistress) and Sieg Pedde, the translation is available with a link to the IREN web site and to the e-publication of the Phoenix Accrual Corporation. Next will be the published edition. Says James, “Are you aware that the AU declared Kiswahili as one of its official langauges?? I hope the JG Kiswahili version will roll out soon.” After publishing the Kiswahili edition of The Law, James is arranging to have JG published by the Free Market Foundation in South Africa. Contact James: Contact IREN: Contact Ginger:


Kerry Pearson has performed a miracle with his flash animation of the “Philosophy of Liberty” from epilogue to JG. The response to his project drew a standing ovation at the ISIL World Conference at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last summer. During the conference Judy Nagy, Kerry, and others were able to complete the Spanish translation of the production. The response to the animation, now on various websites, has been overwhelming. Some recent comments:

“Excellent! I hope this seen by millions! I’m doing my part by forwarding it.” “The movie on the philosiphy and liberty was the most moving and inspiring flash movie or otherwise I have ever seen.” “Wonderful! Inspiring! Thanks!” “I was really moved by your movie.” “This is GREAT! My sentiments exactly. Get it out to all the school systems, churches, and government agencies of the world. Thanks.” “I just saw your Flash File and I want to thank you. I am near tears. It is so beautiful, precise and easy to understand.”

With the help of Louise Zizka, Kerry completed the French edition of the flash animation. And with the help of Gustavo Lacerda, Kerry is now about to complete the Portuguese flash edition. There have been some discussions about a Dutch edition as well. Henry Sturman wrote, “I just heard that Ronnie Jansen of is already working on a Dutch translation, which is great news.” If possible, Kerry would be pleased to arrange this for all current and future translations of the epilogue of JG. Contact Kerry: Contact Judy: Contact Louise: Contact Gustavo: Contact Henry Sturman:


Kerry’s flash animation has been most successful in Costa Rica, where the party Movimiento Libertario has had made such phenomenal electoral successes in the past few years. Raul Costales asked to use the JG flash animation every week on their televised public issues program.

Said Raul about this, “The name of the TV station is SINART, Channel 13 (here they do not use the call letters similar to the U.S., such as W… in the East Coast and K… in the western states. Its nationwide signal is the best among Costa Rican stations, and, although it is still too early to judge scientifically, the comments we have received so far are all excellent. We hope to obtain the results of ratings studies early next year. Thank you again Ken, and thank you also for the radio spots you sent us…!” The potential for this is wide open. From Frank Martin in New Mexico we received these encouraging words:

“I just saw your Flash File and I want to thank you. I am near tears. It is so beautiful, precise and easy to understand…I know the producer of Hemp TV in Albuquerque. He’d show it if we had a VHS video tape…Ideally, we’d have funds to put it on big cable and broadcast TV. Any movement toward that kind of fundraising?…I might also get it played in Honduras, since you have a Spanish version. As VHS, it would also make a great sideshow at Operation Politically Homeless booths.…Your video is the most engaging piece I have ever seen and is easily the best bet for that role.” Contact Raul: Contact Frank:


The radio spots mentioned above are part of a journey back to Jonathan Gullible’s radio roots. The birth of JG began on radio in the 1980’s with productions in Hawaii and in Alaska. The idea of revisiting this popular medium was the brainchild of Phoenix attorney Dick Morris. Wrote Dick:

“I have an idea re the recording of JG in segments to run on the radio. First of all, if we can get them of high enough quality, most likely you can get friendly radio stations across the country to run it as a regular short feature. For example, KXEM runs ‘the funnies,’ a two-minute short, every day at :15 past the hour. If not, then talk show hosts might run it.”

With the help of a team from the Students in Free Enterprise at Hawaii Pacific University (SIFE@HPU), recorded 22 short scripts, approximately 90-140 seconds each, for broadcast on KXEM. Dick interviews notable figures, such as the recent guest Steve Forbes, and sprinkles in free market pearls of wisdom from JG. The potential broadcast market of KXEM is 3 million people.

Students helping with the project were Geo Olsson, Ryan Segawa, Ron Corpuz, and the university Communications Video Lab Manager, Mark Nitta. Ryan and Ron also produced the JG Rap which can be heard, and downloaded with all other audio and script material at: These guys also have their own web site. We are hoping to have the voice of Robin Hall in future productions, perhaps an audio tape production of the entire book.

Proof of the potential of this medium came with a letter from Phil Graf of Coast Writers Syndicate. Wrote Phil, “Are the Jonathan Gullible radio spots available for home groups? If we could convince our local radio station (AM 1350 – Santa Rosa) to play them, possibly as a part of a series of interviews with Libertarian-minded guests, could we get your permission to do that? Also, am I correct that there is a video version of Jonathan Gullible? If so, would it be available for showing to home groups and/or on our local (free) cable channel? Thanks for creating this outreach. I got the reference through Free Sonoma Forum founder, John Howard.”

Another possible opportunity for JG is on Spanish radio programs in Arizona and Mexico. For this we have a great enthusiast, Ricardo Valenzuela. Contact Dick: Contact Ryan: Contact Ron: Contact Geo: Contact Phil: Contact Ricardo:


The most comprehensive JG project of all time is that of Janette Eldridge in South Africa. Janette has already developed a second draft edition filled with an annotated commentary for each chapter of the JG book, including recommended readings and web sites for further information. It is brilliantly conceived and thoroughly researched. Writes Janette:

Main objective: To make available a book which gives people in SA, Britain, and ex-British colonies a alternative choice from socialist thinking, and, if they are interested, to lead them to free market books (very few available here) and websites where they can explore for themselves and know that there are a lot of people who are willing to exchange ideas on these subjects.

Date: To get it out before the next election (next March, maybe?). This is when people are hyper-aware of politicians, voting, and the implication these have on their pocketbooks and their lives. After the elections the hype dies away and people resign themselves and turn to the getting on with the lives. If possible before the ISIL World Convention in Lithuania this coming July! After the elections the book would be of interest mostly to those studying free markets.

Distribution: It would have to be in the shops before the election to really make an impact. And before Christmas would be good for sales. Apparently there are about 500 book stores in SA (mostly in rural areas). Aim is to get a few in each – and I think this is where a publisher would stop. But I would like to see copies in school and varsity libraries. High aims, but why not. I know it will take time, but this part does not have to be achieved before the elections. A Libertarian friend has offered to do the translation into Afrikaans. I have been waiting to finish the commentaries and also to find out whether the eventual publisher would want to use their own translator. With the Afrikaans people wanting their own language and culture kept intact JG should go down well. It might help with distribution and sales if the two were done together. Then, if we can run a competition as Barry Kayton suggested, this should get schools interested. If we get a sponsor for the top prize of R10,000 I think we should open it to everyone, not just school children. The other distribution point is other countries.

Janette has the very capable technical and design assistance of Barry Kayton of Leap Publishing to put JG/UK into professional form. And, as yet, Janette is still on the prowl for sponsors and/or publishers who are willing to commit to the project. Contact Janette:


The one person responsible for more translations of JG than any other is the indomintable champion of human rights, Tomislav Krsmanovic. Without Tomislav there would have been no projects accomplished in Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, or Albania. Nor would there be an edition for Gypsy (Romany), the seventh largest ethnic group spanning Eastern Europe.

This one-man juggernaut of freedom is on the move once again. Tomislav has reproduced electronic editions for Serbian, Gypsy, and Slovenian on his web site: http://solair.eunet.yu/~isil/ajg.html He will soon place e-versions on this site for Croatian, Macedonian, and Albanian. He has also been pursuing publishers in Bulgaria and Montenegro for further opportunities.

Here is a man who has faced all the obstacles of the turmoil in Eastern Europe. While great strides have been made toward freedom in the Balkans, there are still some vile thugs who have persistently harassed Tomislav at nearly every turn. Tomislav is a hero of the highest order who deserves support from every friend of liberty. Contact Tomislav: Pokret@EUnet.yu


It is with great pleasure that I announce that the first 17 chapters of the Somali edition of JG are now on line. Faisal Hassan has been working on a translation for some time, diligently striving to find a publisher to serialize the book or sponsors for a complete edition. In the meantime, we present a tantalizing introduction on the JG web site: Comments Faisal, “I think we can start for free so that Somali readers get into liberty and free markets. Later, when we publish and we might sell it to the readers.” Contact Faisal: or


Elena Rakova, the principal genius at the Research Center of the Institute for Privatization and Management in Minsk, Belarus, recently informed me of the good news that Jaroslav Romanchuk has found an opportunity to publish the latest edition of JG in Russian.

It was Dmitry Costygin and William Milonov who published the first edition in St. Petersburg more than ten years ago. Then Kenneth DeGraaf and Elena Mamontova translated the second edition, which Jaroslav placed on his web site: www.liberty-belarus.orgNow Jaroslav has found an opportunity to publish a hard copy of the 2001 edition. Says Jaroslav, “Thank you so much for the honor and privilege to publish your book. I got in touch with one entrepreneur who is interested in this sort of activity. Thank you for sending the book. I will use the Russian translation from my web site and I will translate the additional chapters myself. Contact Elena: Contact Jaroslav:


Through the SIFE team at HPU, contact was made with a SIFE team in Kyrgyzstan. The leader of that team, Zarina Osmonalieva, is now the manager for all SIFE teams in Kyrgyzstan. Zarina has been a great manager for the Kyrgyz edition of JG as well. Reports Zarina, “We will print 1000 copies of JG. There were some problems with editing it. Different people use various styles, and the book was edited by three people. I have found two guys that are working on development of JG, they will be lecturing at schools in April. We decided to sell about 800 copies of the book and then develop JG (lecturing at schools, organizing contests, etc).” Contact Zarina:


Dr. Khalil Ahmad is the founder of the Free Pakistan Newsletter, an excellent source for free market activism in Pakistan. Khalil recently sent this news, “The Urdu version of JG has been composed and I have started proofreading and finalizing it. A friend of mine is coming to the US and I have given him a CD containing the Urdu software in which Urdu JG has been composed. He will post it to you.” Sponsors are being sought for the ISIL JG Fund. With approximately $1500 in contributions, it is expected that we will have an Urdu edition of JG to help Khalil in education of free market ideas. For more on free market activism in Pakistan, please the FreePakistan Newsletter at, Contact Dr. Khalil Ahmad:


Founded by Steve Browne and Virgis Daukas, the Liberty English Camp has long been a summer experience for those in Eastern Europe who take training in the English language by way of free market literature. JG, ideally suited for skits, theatrics, and discussions, has been one of the fundamental pieces of literature in this program since its inception. This year the program moves Minsk, Belarus (July 30 to June 6) in preparation for the World Conference of ISIL and the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (June 7-11). This year’s activities are being organized by Kevin Bjornson and Dzmytri.

Reports Kevin: “Through Nikolai Wenzel of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, I’ve been able to recruit two university teachers, one from Estonia and one from Great Britain…If you agree to teach, we would have two American teachers, two teachers of Atlas classes, and two non-native English speakers who are professional teachers in the region…After discussing the schedule with a student from last year, I recommend four 50 minute classes/day….Let us say we have 30 students and more if there is enough funding. That would be 5 students/class, a good size that allows for each student to perform frequently… Last year we recruited students from Belarus and Ukraine.”

More information can be found at or by contacting the organizers. Contact Kevin: Contact Dzmytri:


Another camp that is starting this year, with much the same purpose is that of Barun Mitra, Director of the Liberty Institute, New Delhi, India, . Barun has translated JG into Bengali and has been preparing such literature for the teaching of English and free market ideas. The new Language of Liberty Summer Camp (May 14-15) at Satauli Village in the Himalayas has these objectives:

“The purpose of this summer camp is to try out an interactive way of learning English that might break the children’s fear of the language. So while they are not expected to read, write or speak perfect English after a month long camp, it is expected that the students are more comfortable in using English as an effective medium of communication. To sustain the interest of the students in the language, so that they pursue it with greater clarity long after the camp is over, an attempt would be made to expose students to a whole new world that would open to them…Finally, language is a means of communicating ideas. And the most important ideas that help shape a person’s values are the ideals of liberty and enterprise. So the course would seek to introduce the ideas of liberty through the teaching of English. The aim of the camp is not only to strive to improve their functional skills in English, but also to impart a sense of values that will equip students to take advantage of a globalised society where English automatically opens up opportunities.”

Contact Barun:


Paul Vahur, a free market activist in Tallinn and founder of the Estonian Liberal Club “Nahtamatu Kasi” (invisible hand in Estonian) has taken up numerous free market literary projects. Says Paul, “We are in the early stages of creating a non-profit organization with the aim to translate ‘easier’ books about capitalism and free market into Estonian. The first book would be JG, then probably Mary Ruwart’s ‘Healing Our World,’ Johan Nordberg’s ‘In Defense of Global Capitalism,’ and Bastiat’s ‘The Law.’ If you know of any organizations that are willing to fund such projects, please let me know. I and my companions have rather extensive contacts at home and abroad, but new information is always welcomed…The flash animation about Philosophy of Liberty is very cool! We will translate it and put it up on JG’s Estonian site when we finish it!”

Paul will be attending the ISIL convention in Lithuania this summer. Contact Paul:


Bad luck has plagued Siri Tulikoura. A computer virus knocked out all of her work on JG, but she has started again. Contact Siri:


Nigeria is in turmoil, but champions of liberty are still very active. One of the most spirited is Agwu Amogu. Says Agwu of this project, among his many pursuits, “I am yet to get the JG project over with, the printers/publishers are actually not meeting up with the promises made to me. Well, I know someday, very soon I will get it done.” Contact Agwu:


When Ivo Cerckel moved from Belgium to the Philippines he became dedicated to introducing education with his newly founded school and introducing free markets with a translation of JG into Cebuano. Says Ivo, “I recveived the books today, Monday. Thank you. I immediately gave a book to a 13 year old nephew and one to a brother-in-law who has three teenage kids. I’m now living in MY house and now it’ll be easier to work on the translation.” Contact Ivo:


A bad economy has adversely affected John-Henri Holmberg, but the project is still on track. Says John-Henri, “Mats Hinze delivered a new version of his JG translation during the summer, reworked from his previous one. It is now being edited and will be layouted during the next month or so. We’ll have it up as a pdf download file within two months, and I’ll send you the link as soon as it’s there.” Contact John-Henri:


Mauro Tosco is producing a translation in Piedmontese, a local language in northern Italy. Says Mauro, “The translation is going on – although a bit slower than I had planned. Davide Sacco is also working on the cartoon version in Italian.” Contact Mauro: Contact Davide:


Henry Weyerhauser says that there is still strong interest in doing the JG project in Iran. Relatives of Henry’s wife, Roya, are interested in doing a translation. They have also met with Shahram Sadeghi, a former student of mine who is working in Iran, and there is enthusiasm all around for the project. Shahram has publishing contacts and Henry will be sending a tax-deductible contribution to the JG Fund at ISIL.

Says Shahram, “I must say, the book is a masterpiece and I really enjoyed reading that. A guy has promised to translate and publish the book in Farsi. If, for any reason (god forbid), he is not able to carry it out, I would do it myself.” Contact Henry: Phone 910-686-0377 Contact Shahram:


Mary Disbrow, co-President of the Students in Free Enterprise at Hawaii Pacific University (SIFE@HPU) has produced a power point version similar to the popular TV game show, Jeopardy, as a technique for quizing college students on the JG book in Principles of Macroeconomics classes. With student assistants Jesse Murray, Andy Jacob, and Benedikt Goetz (founder of the First Global SIFE Project) the game has been a great success.

Reports Mary, “Here is a power point presentation that I made up for the jeopardy. I think it works, and that this will be a lot of fun. The presentation contains three questions for each chapter. If the game runs too long I will stop it early, give the rest of the answers to the particular quiz given out, and then award the winning team. I would also like to use the buzzers because I think that makes the game more intense. We can just divide the class up into two or three groups, depending on how many buzzers available, and they can sit in a circle and see who buzzes in the fastest. We can award the winner at the end. I hope you enjoy the presentation.”

Other students and collaborators are in the planning stages of producing JG into an audio tape. Stay tuned! The SIFE@HPU team is eager to pursue global projects with other teams. In the last two years this team won a semifinalist place among the top 16 in the nation. Contact Mary:


One former student, Y.C. Liew, is now the Acting Coordinator for the Foundation Studies Programme at Han Chiang College in Malaysia. Other contacts have been made with Ram Prasad Paudel, Director, Intel Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal; Bach Tan Sinh, Ph.D., Deputy-Director of the Department of Science Policy Studies, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies, in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Charles E. (Ted) Bradford. We hope that all of these inquiries will lead eventually to more educational publications on free market economics.


In many wealthier countries of the world, JG has been willingly and eagerly adopted by motivated publishing houses. Publishers worldwide know that long experience with relatively free markets does not necessarily give people an appreciation for the underlying principles of prosperity and liberty. In less wealthy countries, there is a keen awareness of the importance of free markets, but publication is sometimes costly, as is the maintenance of our web site. In this case, sponsors are always welcome. I am especially grateful to Michael J. LeCompte for his recent contribution of $2000 and to Dagny Sharon for her contribution of $500 to the JG Fund. And of course, this educational project would never have been realized without the support of Sam Slom and Small Business Hawaii. Contact Ken: Contact Sam: Contact JG Fund:


Ralph Smeed of Caldwell, Idaho, has persuaded me that every edition of JG should also be indexed for easy reference on various topics. Well, I think he’s right. So here it is:


AGRICULTURE 4, 21 ART 15 BEGGARS 38 BRIBERY 11, 12, 18 BUILDING CODES 12 BUREAUCRACY 8, 17, 18, 21, 23, 28, 29 CAMPAIGNS 11, 24 CENSORSHIP 14 CHARITY 12 CHOICE 14, 15, 19, 26, 32, 35 CIVIL STRIFE 14, 10, 37 COMMONS 3 COMPETITION 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 36 CON MEN 38 CONDEMNATION 7 CONSCRIPTION 28 CONSUMERS 5, 9, 10 CONTRACT 7, 17, 30, 33 COSTS 5, 12 COUNTERFEITING 9 CRIME 13, 20, 27, 33 DEBT 11 ECONOMISTS 22 EDUCATION 19, 20, 26, 27, 32 ELECTIONS 11, 24, 25, 29, 36, 38 ELITISM 15 EMPLOYMENT 2, 5, 10, 13, 16, 23, 27, 28, 36 ENFORCEMENT 2, 4, 7, 8, 13, 14, 27, 28, 34, 36 ENVIRONMENT 3, 8 FORECASTING 22 FRAUD 30, 38 FREE RIDERS 14, 31 FREEDOM 20, 35, 39 GAMBLING 16, 36 GUNS 13, 20, 37 HOMELESSNESS 12 IDEOLOGIES 21 IMMIGRATION 28 INFLATION 9, 10, 29 INNOVATION 2, 30, 31, 39 INVENTION 2, 30, 31 INVISIBLE GUN 13 LABOR LAWS 27, 30, 31, 36 LABOR UNIONS 2, 5, 10 LIABILITY 31 LIBRARIES 14 LICENSING 13, 27, 32 MAJORITIES 24, 37 MARKET 4, 21, 39 MEDIA 23, 33 MEDICINE 32 MINIMUM WAGE 27 MONEY 9, 10 MONOPOLY 13, 30, 32 MORALITY 20, 24, 33, 34, 37, 39 NEPOTISM 12 OWNERSHIP GOV’T31, 32, 37 OWNERSHIP PRIVATE 4, 7, 13, 20, 30 PATENTS 30 PEDDLING 27 PLANNING 7 POLLUTION 3 PORK BARREL 11 POSTAL SERVICE 18 POWER 11, 24, 35, 39 PRICE CONTROLS 4, 12, 27, 32 PRISON 8, 13, 27 PRODUCTION 4, 7, 30, 38 PROHIBITION 34 PROPERTY 4, 7, 13, 30, 31, 32 PROTECTIONISM 5 PUBLIC GOODS 31 RELIGION 17 RENT CONTROL 12 RESPONSIBILITY 34, 35 RETIREMENT 29 RIGHTS 24, 39 ROBIN HOOD 20 SELFISHNESS 13, 34 SIN TAXES 16 SPECIAL INTEREST 16 STATISM 8, 17, 18, 21, 23, 28, 29, 37 TANSTAAFL 10, 12 TAXES 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 31, 34 TRADE 5, 9, 10, 21 VIRTUE 26, 35, 39 VICE 33, 34, 35, 36 VOTING 24, 25, 30, 35, 37 WEALTH 7, 24, 33, 34, 37 WELFARE 4, 12, 20, 26 ZONING 7, 12

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