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African Readers Club

Sanni Johnson, Leon A. Ogunweide, and Rowland Kingsley have formed the African Readers Club. Sanni Johnson explained: “Before the onsite Reading event that I am planning to host with Rowland and Leon for the west Africa Countries we want to carry out a preparatory webinar reading event for the whole of African countries. Here are the details of our plan for the online reading event about The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.

Title: The Champions of Jonathan Gullible

I will start by saying that the reason for the ideas of liberty is to create a society where we all live in fairness and respect for rule of law, however, some certainly don't know about this as it never was their own fault. The story of Jonathan Gullible is indeed an amazing illustration or story to inspire young libertarian leaders to inform them about the world of freedom and free use of their talents and skills to promote the right economic decisions and to be creative to advance in the global economy.

The Jonathan Gullible story is seen as one of the basic and easiest ways to explain the ideas of liberty through it's travels from Asian and now in Africa. Over the years the book and story of Jonathan Gullible stands as one of the basic inspirations that geared many young libertarian activists like me to see their future in the arms of promoting the libertarian philosophy, we have read stories and inspirational messages from pioneers of libertarian ideas in African sharing the positive impact of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible that spur their minds on libertarianism. However this background message brings us to begin reintroducing and reinforcing the story of Jonathan Gullible across Africa beginning with the English speaking part of the continents, we will like to gather young people together and begin to bring the ideas of liberty through the Adventures of Jonathan and also looking towards making it a part of the high school curriculum in Africa.

However, the plan for a webinar centered on implementing ideas of creating a reading group session with students in Africa to understand and interact with one another on developing thoughtful ideas and questions on the story behind The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, the Webinar will set a place for individuals to share thoughts and opinions. We will also display some of these thoughts on some small reading group by creating awareness and building a strong libertarian scholastic forum in Africa.

Agenda of the reading… There will be a series of eight (8) weeks of dissecting the Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, having 5 chapters weekly for easy read and understanding of the audience and a discussion to ensue for 45 min – 1 hour weekly on the Liberty Show with Leon (

You can be invited at the beginning of the series to show up and greet the audience and maybe sensitize them on the goodies awaiting them for participating in the reading group. Three people with the highest degree of participation at the end of the eight session gets a special gift, either courtesy of us or Prof. Ken This gift will entice more people to attend the programs without missing even one.

On the last (8th) episode of the series, we plan to invite you and the audience who have gained and built understanding about the book for the previous 7 weekends so that they can have the opportunity to hear directly from the writer of the book and what inspired him to write the book that is not penned down in the book itself.

Thank you as we wait for your approval and support to carry out this project.

Best regard, Sanni Johnson

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