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from Rowland Kessy Dappa

Yesterday Dr Graham Nsiegba the Staff adviser of ROCKME club and I paid courtesy visit to the Rivers State University Librarian to donate some books on classical liberalism made available by Linda Whetstone through her Organization Network for Free Society and adventure of Jonathan gullible made available by Prof Ken Schoolland to the Rivers State University as part of our preparation towards the Global Capitalism Awareness happening at Rivers State University October on the 8th.

The Librarian was so excited and has also requested that we carry out the book distribution drive and liberty international events with the #ROCKMESTAR events at the University library instead of Department of Political science that was initially planned.

ROCKME stands for - Rewards Of Capitalism: Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment. However she promised to mention to the university council of this great gesture and Partnership that is being encouraged by Liberty International and #ROCKME iniative. She also made a good appeal that she looks forward to more books and materials that will enrich the students and academia in terms of learning and international partnership and programs. Special thanks to prof ken Schoolland , Michael Malgeri Jacek Spendel Linda Whetstone Dr Eamonn Butler whose books were part of the literature that we donated to the University. Together we are winning Africa and the World.


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