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Jonathan Gullible Penetrates the Terrible Taliban Cage

Hello. I am an Afghan girl from Afghanistan, a painful and bloody country. I read

your book and it was very enjoyable for me because it was one of the best books I have

ever read. Many of its topics were directly related to our situation in Afghanistan. I would

like to mention some of it.

In the first part, it mentions that we should pursue freedom so long as there is no

attempt to deprive others of such freedom or prevent them from what they pursue.  It

should not happen.  

We don't have this kind of freedom in Afghanistan. We are always imprisoned in

Taliban chains. People’s daughters study abroad, but we don't have the right to study

here. What did we want? Is it too much to be allowed to go to school, to have peace and

comfort? But we are deprived of these little wishes. Being a woman is a crime here.

Education is a crime. This is very unfortunate.  

In the second part, Jonathan encountered a woman who is being punished and

reprimanded for her creativity. In the modern technological world that is progressing day

by day, the art of knowledge pays off. But the rules and regulations established by the

government are really very absurd and meaningless. We do not own our lives. We are

not allowed to own our lives. Everything for us women is limited here.

And it was also mentioned in another place in the book that the people of the

world should not allow their governments to use coercion because it causes many

problems and evils. Indeed, the use of force in Afghanistan has caused many problems.

I want to mention that reading your book made me both sad and happy. I felt sad for our

shortcomings and limitations, being in a cage and being alone.

And I was still very happy to be motivated by the book for hope, patience, effort

and success. Because life has many twists and turns, it is important that we go through

the journey well and hope for life.

Please don’t mention my name, because there are security problems.


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