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Ukrainian edition of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible."

Vasyl Zoria, Deputy Director of the Zadruga Publishing House in Kyiv, Ukraine has just offered to publish a Ukrainian edition of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible." Says Vasyl:

Let me introduce myself. I'm a representative of Free Economy Institute (FEI), the new top libertarian think tank in Ukraine, which two years ago launched a nationwide education program on the advantages of a market economy and the negative role of government.

The framework of project is that FEI plans to create a special economic library and to translate into Ukrainian well-known books of the Austrian school for different target audiences. We started with publications of Mises, Rothard, Bastiat, Hoppe, etc. In the autumn of 2021, Dr Walter Block presented his book The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Human and Economic Factors during an online session between New Orleans and Kyiv.

We began our kids segment of the library with the "Tuttle Twins" serial published by Zadruga Publishing House in 2021-2022. Monitoring the book market we also found your bestseller The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible in the portfolio of Aspekt Publishing. So, we plan to publish it and invite you to participate in the presentation of your wonderful book in Kiev.

The Zadruga Publishing House was founded in 2000. We can notice among her achievements a project with the Kyiv Children's Academy of Arts, cooperation with the National Union of Writers and the public literary fraternity between Afghanistan and Chernobyl.


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